Survey: Web Presence: Lancaster District VCOs and Social Enterprises

Web Presence: Lancaster District VCOs and Social Enterprises
This survey is designed by Hatua an ICT for Development social enterprise based in Lancaster. One of our primary aims is to remove the barriers that prevent organisations and individuals from accessing ICT. The most effective way to do this is to empower those organisations that support the region's socially and digitally excluded individuals. By taking part in this survey you will help us identify the voluntary sector's web presence needs and enable us to improve the services and support we offer.

Deadline: Friday 22 June 2012
Your Organisation
The name of your organisation
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Type of Organisation
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Your organisation's key activities and service users/clients
Tell us a bit about your organisation's main activities and who your primary service users and beneficiaries are
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Does your organisation have access to the Internet?
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On a scale of 1 to 5 please tells us how important it is for your organisation to have a web presence.
Not important at all
Extremely important
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Your Organisation's Web Presence
Which of these tools does your organisation use to maintain its online presence? Tick all that apply
If you have selected 1 or more options in the previous question please tell us why your organisation uses the tool(s) you have selected.
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Why do you maintain a web presence? Tick all that apply
If your organisation does NOT have a web presence please tell us why. Tick all that apply
Of the tools you are not using, which of these would you consider using at later date?
If your organisation has a website who provides the hosting service
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If your organisation has a website who designed the site?
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Who is responsible for publishing your information online
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Training and Development
Hatua plans to conduct a range of training sessions aimed at improving web presence and access to ICT for local VCOs and social enterprises. Please tell us what you would be willing to pay for a full day course.
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Please share any thoughts you have on improving knowledge of and access to ICT amongst VCOs, social enterprises and their service users
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If you would like us to keep you updated on our projects and activities please provide us with your contact details. (Email is our preferred method)
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