Teach yourself to use the Internet

To support the upcoming inaugural Hatua Training Session, we thought it would be a good idea to start off by highlighting a good source for information to teach yourself how to work, play, and stay safe online.


The BBC has a very good website called WebWise  which aims to cover all aspects of online life and, as part of this, they have a whole section full of online courses :



Here, you can find a whole range of easy-to-use interactive tutorials that give you lots of basic information to help understand how to use your computer, get online, and start using the Internet. We would highly recommend this as a good place to go for anyone looking to get started using ICT.









Introducing Tech in Plain English

Once, while facilitating a WordPress training session I asked the participants to ‘open a browser‘.  In my mind this was a fairly standard phrase so I was shocked when a person called me over to their computer and asked, while pointing to icons on their desktop, ‘where do I find my Google?‘  I showed them the Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox icons and told them if they opened up one these they would  find ‘their Google’.  To which the person replied,

‘well I never knew it was called a browser, at home I just get someone to open up Google for me’.

That day, we both learned something new.  For me it was the realisation that words and phrases that we geeks use so often can in fact sound like a foreign language to so many people.

One of Hatua’s guiding principles is to make tech accessible to all and to empower our services users to use technology confidently.   Ensuring that the people we work with understand the language of tech is a fundamental part of this.  So, every Tuesday, starting from next week, we will be translating some commonly used tech terms into plain english. We won’t just be providing one line definitions; we will be writing full blog posts on each term, using everyday analogies because like with all new languages, it is not learning individual words  that matters but rather  how these words fit in with the rest of the language.

We already have 3 topics prepared and we would love to add to this list, so if you have any tech related jargon that you want decoding, leave us a comment or drop us an email.



Site redesign

On Tuesday 8th May I attended the Marketing Masterclass facilitated by Alistair Clarke and organised by Lattice Works.  It was a great opportunity to meet other people and to share ideas on how to improve our marketing strategy.  One thing that I took back to the Hatua team was the need for a site redesign.  I felt that our message was not as clear as it could be and we weren’t doing a good job of explaining who we were and what we were offering.    So this weekend we will be busy updating content.